#27: The power of apology – my own.

I’ve written before about the power of a sincere apology, but something that happened recently reminded me of how much I can still learn. Watching all three of you is often fun, but dealing with your behavior after school can be a particularly challenging time. I get it – you have to wake up early, […]

#20: Don’t try to buy your way to a special day

It’s now the “holiday” season, which seems to encompass the entire quarter between the beginning of October through the end of the year. Costco had their Christmas trees up before Halloween  (short changing my favorite holiday, hrmph) and it seems the holiday music shows up on the radio earlier and earlier. (We might not be […]

#16: You don’t have to be nice.

Yesterday, after picking you up from preschool, you seemed oddly reticent to talk about your day. I’ve grown accustomed to the tornado of words from the backseat, your eyes trying to meet mine through the rearview mirror on our drive home. You’re normally eager to share both the exciting and the mundane. But yesterday you […]

#3 Mind the ruler.

Have you ever watched a flock of birds?  In particular, those of starlings? Here is an example if you haven’t:   It’s utterly mesmerizing to watch isn’t it? Part spectacle, all grandeur. What’s uniquely amazing is that there is no particular leader of the group you can observe. Each individual bird has to figure out where […]